1 Mar 2014

Launching of Web Portal on Anti Human Trafficking

Shri R.P.N.Singh, Minister of State for Home Affairs launched a comprehensive web-portal on Anti Human Trafficking Portal here today. The web portal will serve as a vital IT tool for sharing of information across all stakeholders, States/UTs and civil society organizations for effective implementation of Anti Human Trafficking measures.

Shri R.P.N.Singh mentioned that the web portal will help in tracking large number of cases having inter-state ramifications. This portal will also act as one stop information repository on issues relating to trafficking including details of Anti-Human Trafficking Units (AHTUs), their locations, contact details of Anti-Human Trafficking Nodal Officers.

Addressing the Nodal Officers of Anti Human Trafficking Units, Shri R.P.N.Singh said that this site will also provide comprehensive information on legislations , statistics important judgements, UN Conventions, details of Trafficked persons and Traffickers, rescue success stories. Moreover, it will provide an important link to National Portal on Missing Children, ‘Trackchild’ which is operational in many States.

Trafficking in persons, particularly in women and children for various purposes such as commercial sexual exploitation (CSE), forced labour, forced marriages, domestic servitude, etc. is an organized crime that gravely violates basic human rights. 

The Government has adopted a multipronged approach to combat the crime of human trafficking. Ministry of Home Affairs is implementing a Comprehensive Scheme in States / UTs to strengthen the law enforcement response to human trafficking. The Scheme involves establishment of Integrated Anti Human Trafficking Units (AHTUs) in 335 vulnerable police districts throughout the country and capacity building of responders, which includes Training of Trainers for Police, Prosecutors and Judiciary. So far 225 Integrated Anti Human Trafficking Units have been made operational in different districts of the country and 100 more AHTUs are proposed to be established in the current financial year.

For capacity building of law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders, Training of Trainers workshops at Regional, State and District Level are being held regularly. Training of Trainers workshops for Prosecutors are also being held at Regional, State and District level. Judicial Colloquiums are being held throughout the country for sensitizing Judicial Officers. So far six Judicial Colloquiums have been held. A certificate course has also been launched by Indira Gandhi National Open University on Human Trafficking in collaboration with MHA.

A Regional Task Force was constituted to implement the SAARC Convention on prevention of Trafficking in Women and Children. So far five meetings of the task force have been held. Ministry of Home affairs conducted a workshop for representatives of SAARC Member countries for capacity building in combating Human Trafficking at New Delhi from 19-20th November, 2012 in which representatives of all SAARC Member Countries participated. A study tour for SAARC Member countries regarding functioning of AHTUs was also conducted from 18th to 22nd November, 2013.

The Government of India, had enacted and strengthened legislative measures in the form of Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013 which has come into force from 3rd February 2013. 

In the new Act, Section 370 of the Indian Penal Code has been substituted with Section 370 and 370A IPC which comprehensively defines Human Trafficking and provides stringent punishment for human trafficking; trafficking of children for exploitation in any form including physical exploitation; or any form of sexual exploitation, slavery, servitude or the forced removal of organs.

This will also enhance cooperation between law enforcement agencies, and concerned government departments as well.

 The nodal officers of all States and UTs are inter connected with each other and will be given a login ID through which they can access this web portal and upload real time statistics and success stories and other case studies. Details of trafficked persons will be uploaded on the web portal and other relevant contents regarding Anti Human Trafficking has also been uploaded for the convenience of the user. 

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