15 Feb 2014

Ground Water Levels

Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)
Ground water is continuously being exploited for drinking, 
irrigation and various other purposes, due to which ground
water level in some various parts of the Country has
declined.  Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) under the
Ministry of Water Resources carries out ground water
monitoring, four times a year in the Country on regional
scale.  Ground water monitoring data of CGWB for
pre-monsoon 2013 as compared with decadal mean of
pre-monsoon (2003-2012) indicates that there was a rise
in water level in respect of 44% of the wells and fall in
56% of the wells analysed.

Rain water harvesting, artificial recharge and conservation 
of water are measures/ methods adopted 
for maintaining/ augmenting depleting ground water 
resources in the Country.

The Central Government promotes water conservation measures in the Country by supplementing 
efforts of State Governments for augmentation, conservation and efficient management of water 
resources. Steps taken by the Central Government include:

(i)        Extending technical and financial support to States/UTs under schemes such as 
Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme; Command Area Development and
Water Management; Repair, Renovation and Restoration of Water Bodies for conservation of 
water resources in the Country.

(ii)      CGWB has prepared a Master Plan for artificial recharge to ground water in the Country.

(iii)    Setting up of National Water Mission with the objective of, inter-alia, conservation of
water resources.

(iv)     Circulation of a Model Bill by the Ministry of Water Resources to all the States/UTs to 
enable them to enact ground water legislation for its regulation, development and conservation;

(v)       Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) constituted under the Section 3(3) of 
The Environment Act, 1986 has notified 162 areas in the Country where withdrawal of ground 
water for the purpose other than drinking is prohibited.

(vi)     Advisory by CGWA to all the Chief Secretaries of the States and Administrators of 
the Union Territories, having ‘Over-exploited’ blocks, to take measures to promote/adopt 
artificial recharge to ground water/ rainwater harvesting.

(vii)   The Central Scheme of Ground Water Management and Regulation, under 
implementation during XII Plan, inter-alia, envisages participatory management of 
groundwater involving Panchayati Raj Institutions, local communities, NGOs and other 
stakeholders for ensuring sustainable management of groundwater resources in the Country etc.
This information was given by Union Water Resources Minister Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad  in the 
Rajya Sabha today in reply to a written question.

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